Fast cars and high-tech, that's how Abu Dhabi police roll

Fast cars and high-tech, that's how Abu Dhabi police roll

Singapore's Home Team recently released a widely-acclaimed video showing the daily challenges its officers face, but the police at Abu Dhabi have taken their publicity video to a whole new level - complete with expensive fast cars, high-speed chases, facial recognition technology, and sleek scenes worthy of a clip from Fast & Furious.

The video, by the Ministry of Interior United Arab Emirates (MOIUAE), was uploaded on YouTube on Monday (Oct 19) and has garnered nearly 300,000 hits. It is simply titled 'Abu Dhabi... Safe City' and drives home the point with six minutes of high octane action shifting from the remote desert to its bustling city skyline. It can almost double up as a tourism promotion.

Unabashedly, the video is more than a simple car-chase. It is also an ostentatious display of the Gulf State's advanced technology and hardware in its police's inventory.

Hardware like Mercedes police cars, helicopters, and weapons are just the tip of the iceberg.

Abu Dhabi's Ekin patrol is one sleek piece of technology boasting police cars all data-linked with the ability to track suspicious vehicles, providing their command centre with complete situational awareness.


Besides facial recognition technology, the Abu Dhabi police can also read and process car-plates in realtime.

As the villain in the clip switches from his blue McLaren P1 sports car to a Ferrari 458 Italia, Abu Dhabi police deploy their Lykan Hypersport - the first limited production Middle Eastern Super Car, most famously seen in the movie Furious 7.

Expectedly, the villain meets his match in a Hollywood-style road block of five humble Nissan police SUVs.

Of course, for some, the Abu Dhabi cars are no match for the police fleet from Dubai. In its now-expected glamorous style, Dubai police boast cars like the Audi R8, Bugatti Veyron, and Lamborghini Aventador.

Never mess around with the police from the United Arab Emirates, unless your name is Dominic Toretto from Fast & Furious fame.

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