Flaunt your latest swimwear while sitting on top of this giant sanitary pad

The Aquaria Pasadena Pool Float on display.
PHOTO: Twitter/Jillian David

If you look at the image above and see a pool float instead of a giant menstrual pad, then I've got news for you.

This latest offering from Aquaria looks more like a female hygiene product than a fashionable float device to most.

It does not help as well, when the intricate blue swirls on the float look like the blue liquid that folks on TV commercials use to pour on the pads to show its absorption level.

Photo: Sam's Club/Aquaria

The picture of the pad/float first appeared on Reddit before author Jillian David tweeted about it. 

Which goes to show the importance of having women in your design team, or in fact, any team at all.

Or are you telling me that none of the men on the team has ever seen a menstrual pad before?

I mean, sure it's not something that men use (if you do, don't worry, I won't judge), but surely they have wives/ girlfriends/ female friends who rely on these once a month.

My thoughts exactly.Photo: Twitter/ Charlie Stross

Ever since the tweet went viral, people have been coming up with hillarious responses.


A little look on their Amazon reviews page shows very... "satisfied" customers of this "gigantic maxi pad".

This customer's dream came true.Photo: Amazon/Aquaria


Asking the real questions around here.. "perfect for any day of the month"Photo: Amazon/Aquaria


This genius right here.Photo: Amazon/Aquaria


This person is just confused at the concept of pool floats. 5 stars still though!Photo: Amazon/Aquaria

Of course, you can't trust anything you read on the internet (you can trust this article), so I asked people around me in the office for their thoughts on this "float".

A female colleague told me that it would be convenient for someone who is on her period during the weekend but still wants to lounge in the pool.

But I digress. None of this would probably have occurred if they had collected reviews from a focus group (of women), like David said in her tweet.

See what happens when women are not allowed to have a say?

But the model is a woman. Couldn't she point out the flaw in design?Photo: Amazon/Aquaria


Wipe that privileged smirk off your face.Photo: Amazon/Aquaria