Frenchman makes false bomb alert to delay girlfriend's plane

BORDEAUX - French police have arrested a man who called in a false bomb alert to an airport to delay his girlfriend's flight because she was in danger of missing it, prosecutors said Sunday.

The 33-year-old called the regional airport of Bordeaux-Merignac in southwestern France on Thursday and told authorities "there is a bomb". Police immediately sealed off part of the airport to conduct searches.

The man was arrested some 20 kilometres (12 miles) away from Bordeaux and taken into custody.

Under police questioning, he admitted calling in the bomb alert and explained he wanted to delay his girlfriend's flight because she was stuck in traffic.

The act of love could be costly, however. Prosecutors told AFP he risks up to two years in prison and a 30,000-euro ($44,150) fine.

He is due to appear in court in Bordeaux.