Friend of Russian cannibal couple suspects: 'They looked like Beauty and the Beast'

A friend of a man from Krasnodar suspected of cannibalising up to 30 people along with his partner, has spoken out in an exclusive interview, from the city on Tuesday.

"If you put them side by side, they looked like the Beauty and the Beast," said Victoria suggesting that her friend could have done this in order to "prove something" to his wife.

She went on to describe the man as a ''calm'' and ''even-minded'' person. ''I can't say anything bad about him,'' noted Victoria. She also doubted that the suspect could ''kill and eat'' a human saying ''it is not his style''. She added that the man could have simply found the body fragments and took selfies as a "joke".

According to information on the Investigative Committee's website, a 35-year-old man and his partner were drinking by Gastello Street with a woman they had met on Sept 8.

An argument broke out, during which the man killed and dismembered the woman, later photographing himself with parts of the body on his mobile phone.

Road workers discovered the phone on Sept 11 and handed it in to police. Following a search of the suspects' flat, investigators found body parts in salt water, as well as frozen meat from unknown origins. Analyses are yet to determine whether the meat is human.

Prosecutors have so far confirmed the remains of one person, and are looking into possible connections to other unsolved crimes. Ruptly's police sources confirmed unofficially that during questioning, the female suspect confessed to killing up to 30 people since the late 1990s and to consuming their victims.