'Germs are not a real thing. I can't see them, therefore they're not real' - why a Fox News host hasn't washed his hands in 10 years

PHOTO: Twitter/PeteHegseth

According to Learn.Genetics, "The smallest objects that the unaided human eye can see are about 0.1 mm long."

Germs are too small and can only be seen with the help of a microscope. Because humans can't see them, Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth strongly believes that microscopic germs and microbes don't really exist.

Hegseth mentioned on his show last Sunday that he believed in things that are visible to the naked eye. Since germs are invisible, he "confessed" that he hadn't washed his hands in a decade.

While his co-hosts couldn't help but laugh about his latest revelation, the audience was shocked and confused about the host's beliefs.

Hegseth went on to explain his side, "I inoculate myself. Germs are not a real thing. I can't see them, therefore they're not real."

Of course, Hegseth received different reactions from Twitter users:

After the confession, Hegseth immediately clarified that he was just kidding about his personal hygiene. He also thought that the commotion on Twitter was "ridiculous."

On the other side of the story, if you haven't washed your hands for so long, you can infect yourself with these germs just by scratching your eyes or touching your mouth and nose.

In fact, Centre for Disease Prevention (CDC) even cited that, "A single gram of human faeces - which is about the weight of a paper clip - can contain one trillion germs." Clearly, those who don't practice proper hygiene may get Salmonella infection and/or E.Coli that can cause diarrhoea, fever, and abdominal cramps.