Get creative for Halloween

Out of outfit ideas for Halloween? Forget the usual witch or vampire getup and be amazed by the creative and whacky outfits by children and adults alike.

Children, most eager to put on their Halloween outfits, often come up with fascinating ideas of what to wear. Food and games are among the most popular themes for whacky outfits during the festival.

Families also enjoy Halloween, designing matching costumes that play on the different sizes of parents and their growing children. A female toddler in a polo shirt and painted on beard, elicits chuckles as she is carried by her father who dons a similar outfit. Another snapshot of a mother and her three daughters dressed as Russian nesting dolls looks especially endearing.

Supermodel Heidi Klum proves to be as adventurous in her Halloween costume choices as the avant-garde outfits that she models in fashion spreads. Since 2000, she has dressed up as numerous characters, some of which are such good disguises, people are unable to recognise her. Her ex-husband, English singer Seal, also joined in the fun and the couple often wore matching Halloween outfits together.

Regardless of celebrity status and costume budget, many people have fun with friends when they dress up for trick-or-treating together. Some costume ideas work best executed in groups. Characters from favourite childhood TV programs, video games, comics and movies are great Halloween themes for groups of friends.

Creating interesting Halloween costumes can be as simple as cut-out paper masks, or elaborate outfits that involve props or a bit of sewing and snipping.