A giant rose-shaped doughnut is better than every flower on the planet

There has been talk on the internet of doughnuts going too far.

A recent article argued that purveyors of fried dough have overreached with their unorthodox takes on the original treat.

But wary as I am of doughnuts made from fried spaghetti, Doughnut Plant's pretty "Doughflowers" make a strong case for the unusual.

Per the New York Times, the doughnut shop is selling pastries formed in the shape of flowers and dipped in sweet blood orange, strawberry, or rose glazes.

Photo: Mashable

Though a Doughnut Plant representative wouldn't tell us exactly how they're made, he did share that owner Chef Mark Israel has spent the past five months perfecting his method. Each is made by hand so that no two are the same.

Doughflowers went on sale Wednesday ahead of Mother's Day, and will be available at the company's New York locations indefinitely.

At $5 (S$7.05) a piece, they're a solid upgrade should you wish to gift mom something just slightly fancier than a doughnut-hole bouquet.

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