Girl smuggles pet dog into hospital to help cheer grandma up

What was the most bizarre item you have ever tried smuggling into a hospital? For 21-year-old veterinary technician Shelby Hennick, it was a little dog.

Hennick's grandmother had fallen and was left almost paralysed due to a reaction to her medications, according to an article by Metro News. 

"She was unable to walk for two days and would fall over...unfortunately my grandpa is hard of hearing so he wouldn't know she had fallen until hours went by and she was on the floor," Hennick told the news site.

Fortunately, Hennick's grandmother was found in time and quickly taken to hospital. 

Grandpa is not the only companion Hennick's grandmother had at home.

For 13 years, Hennick's grandmother has been looking after her pet dog, Patsy, which she has had ever since the dog was a puppy small enough to fit into the palm of her hand.

The two are understandably very close.

After three days, Hennick knew that her grandmother must have been missing her dog terribly and decided to cheer her up by bringing Patsy to her.

Of course, animals are not allowed in the hospital, so Hennick needed a more inconspicuous method to bring in the dog.

"Nothing was planned, I just by chance had a blanket in my car, swaddled her up and just walked in! Luckily we've been in the hospital enough lately that they remembered who we were so we just walked by and waved to them!" Hennick told Metro News.

"My sister had a baby about a year ago so I think my grandma thought it was him because when I walked in she went “Ohh you brought the baby” and then I put Patsy down on her lap and she was so surprised! Patsy kept crying and couldn’t get close enough," added Hennick.

The veterinary technician uploaded picture of the sweet gesture and it has gone viral ever since garnering over 130,000 retweets and 543,000 likes.

With all that being said, it should be noted we are not encouraging people to bring their animals into hospitals, especially when it's not allowed.

But we do encourage acts of kindness to make someone's day a little happier.