God loses verification on Facebook, blames Trump

And on the seventh day, the Good Lord Above lost their blue checkmark on Facebook.

On Wednesday afternoon, God's account became unverified - not that God really needs the validation.

The comedy Facebook account had been verified for years.

In a post on the God Facebook page, the owner of the irreverent, politically minded account, who remains unidentified, announced the verification change status and blamed it on Trump supporters.

God's logic: After posting about news organisations that falsely reported the Quebec mosque shooter was a Muslim, Trump supporters were highly offended and brought their wrath down upon the social media Higher Being.'

God asked the page's more than 3.3 million followers to "react to this."

As of today God's page has been unverified by Facebook because I offended too many Trump supporters by pointing out that...

Posted by God on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

And react they have.

A flood of loyal followers have been begging Facebook to reinstate their satirical God's verification.

Facebook responded to the change and pointed to its page name standards for why God's verification was smited.

They specifically highlighted their rule that page names can't be generic words and must be managed by official representatives of the page topic.

The checkmark's disappearance comes a few weeks after Facebook temporarily banned the God page over a post about military and health care spending.

The social media company cited violations to Facebook policies.

In previous reporting from Good about the removed post and ban, God's now-gone blue checkmark is visible in screenshots.

Facebook giveth, and Facebook taketh away.

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