'Hangry' stranded train passenger rescued by heroic pizza delivery man

A hungry passenger on a stranded Amtrak 161 en route to Washington D.C. was rescued by a brave and heroic delivery man.

Okay, maybe not rescued, but the delivery guy did bring him pizza and that's pretty much the same thing.

According to ABC News, Twitter user and train passenger Mitch Katz tweeted that he got "hangry" after waiting on the stalled train for more than an hour. So, he did what anyone would do in a moment of hunger-driven crisis - he rounded up some sustenance by calling up a local pizza place for delivery. 

From the looks of the video, it seems like the delivery man had to climb down some rough terrain to get to Katz's car and deliver the pizza. But the delivery man took an oath: an oath to deliver pizzas under any and all circumstances.

Another passenger documented her car's experience with hunger on the broken down train before seeing the beacon of hope that was the delivery man.

Katz sent out another tweet thanking the brave pizza man for his service, and inviting other passengers to join him for his feast.

In response to a tweet inquiring about the cause of the stalled train, Amtrak said: "Service disruption due to a mechanical issue, assistance on the way."

In times of crisis, it's nice to see people band together, support each other, and share their pizza.