He married a doll - and now has a doll girlfriend

He married a doll - and now has a doll girlfriend

He is in a love triangle - with two life-like dolls.

The man is known as Davecat, his online pseudonym. His love dolls are so anatomically correct that they have their own tongue, Mail Online reported.

Three of them live "happily" in his apartment in Michigan. He has shunned what he calls "organic woman" in favour of plastic women. The reason: The dolls will not cheat on him.

He married one doll he has called Sidore Kuroneko and keeps a second, Elena Vostrikova, to keep her company while he is out at work.

He bought them for US$6,000 each (S$7,480) from Abyss Creations, a leading manufacturers of dolls. Davecat, 40, said that he and his "girlfriends" never fight because they are more easygoing than real women.

The IT worker is part of a group of people called iDollators or technosexuals, who say they are attracted to robots and can have fulfilling, meaningful relationships with them, The Atlantic reported.

Davecat, who calls himself a "doll husband', admitted that even though sex formed 70 per cent of the reason he bought the dolls, 30 per cent was about companionship.

His experience of real-life relationships was the reason he now prefers the dolls, which stand about 1.5m and weigh 35kg.

Davecat said that he was seeing one "organic lass" after he had bought Sidore, but she was not always available to meet when he wanted.

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