Hillary Clinton's presence at a Broadway show caused a bit of a ruckus

Hillary Clinton has been popping up in unexpected places following the 2016 presidential election, and last Thursday was no exception.

The former secretary of state and presidential candidate was joined by husband Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton in the audience of Come From Away, a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical about the 38 planes forced to land in Gander, Newfoundland following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

"We often have audience members return to share the show with their family, and Chelsea Clinton bringing her parents was the best," wrote David Hein, the musical's co-writer, on Facebook.

"I haven't cried at our show in a while, but I cried holding Molly on my lap and watching Jenn sing directly to Hillary about women breaking glass ceilings (there was a LOT of applause)."

The Clinton family's presence elicited a standing ovation, which was captured by audience members on Twitter. 

"So many lines in the show resonated differently - especially the scene where passengers try to vote for a different destination and are told, 'this is not a democracy.' Afterwards onstage, they were so gracious, taking pictures and speaking to each of us," Hein recounted on Facebook.

"President Clinton told Caesar one of his 9/11 stories, when he met a Muslim man who was afraid his countrymen would never trust him again," he wrote.

"We and Sharon got to introduce our daughters to Chelsea. And Hillary told us, 'this is a show that the world needs now.' So honoured to have this story of Newfoundland kindness recognised and celebrated by them."

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