Hungary reopens main border crossing with Serbia

HORGOS, Serbia - Hungary on Sunday reopened its main border crossing with Serbia, whose closure led thousands of migrants to surge into Croatia and resulted in the shunting of the desperate flood of humanity from one country to another.

Hungarian and Serbian interior ministers jointly reopened the Horgos-Roszke 1 crossing, which had been closed since Monday.

"The situation dictated the closure (of the border crossing) but in cooperation with our Serbian colleagues, the problems have been overcome and conditions reached for it to reopen," said Hungarian Interior Minister Sandor Pinter.

Pinter and his Serbian counterpart Nebojsa Stefanovic both reopened the crossing on the highway that before the migrant crisis was the main route linking Belgrade and Budapest.

The closure had led thousands of migrants fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa to try and find other routes to western and northern Europe, where most want to start a new life.

Most flooded into Croatia, which within days announced that it could not cope with the flow and began to redirect the migrants back toward Hungary or toward Slovenia.