Internet compares Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway to Paddington bear

The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States saw a trail of interesting spectacles during and after the ceremony and the internet has swiftly turned them into comical moments.

From George W. Bush's battle with his poncho to the resemblance between Melania Trump's inauguration dress and Jackie Kennedy's, memes have emerged to ease the pain that some people in the United States are feeling at the dawn of a new America.

One remarkable sight was President Donald Trump's incoming counselor, Kellyanne Conway, and her red, white and blue outfit on the morning of Trump's inauguration, which has been dubbed "Trump Revolutionary Wear" as reported by Time.

Kellyanne was a leading strategist in Trump's presidential campaign.

When asked about her colorful wool coat, she responded "Oh, it's just Gucci."

Side by side comparisons of Conway's outfit to a mascot, the Paddington bear, to an American Girl doll, to the Nutcracker doll and many other things has flooded the internet.

Here's what the memes have to say: