Internet users defend Emirates flight attendant caught on camera pouring unused champagne back into bottle

An Emirates flight attendant was recently caught on video pouring a glass of unused champagne back into its bottle, causing internet users to sit up and take notice.

The original footage was accidentally filmed by Russian passenger Yevgeny Kaymov who was flying business class to Dubai when he wanted to capture a short clip of his surroundings - just because.

According to the Independent, Kaymov later uploaded the video onto his Instagram account with the caption "I accidentally filmed this video, and didn't even notice this moment at the time, pouring unfinished champagne back into the bottle. Is that normal practice Emirates?"

The short video depicts an Emirates air stewardess pouring a glass of liquid into a champagne bottle among a tray of other unfinished glasses. The flight serves champagne to first class and business class passengers after boarding.

While the video has attracted comments of how the airline was going to serve the unused champange back to its customers, or that the air stewardess intended to keep the drink for herself later, not all internet users have jumped to the same conclusion.

Both Reddit and Facebook users have come to the lady's and airline's defense, with some suggesting that she was in fact pouring all the unused liquids into one single container which may be disposed of later.

Photo: Reddit
Photo: The Independent/Facebook

Other users also pointed to logic, suggesting that any champagne poured back into its bottle would be completely flat anyway and anyone who drank it would be able to detect the difference immediately, as such there was no point in reusing the champagne at all.

Photo: Reddit

Some commentors managed to look at the issue from a different perspective and asked the important question.

Photo: Reddit

While the comments and different perspectives have proved that there is no way to ascertain the fact that the flight attendant has done anything strictly wrong, the airline itself has maintained a stricter stance on the issue. 

A spokesperson from the company has responded to both the Independent and the Telegraph, stating that "Emirates always strives to provide the top quality service. Actions recorded on this video do not comply with (their) quality standards. (They) are currently investigating the incident."