Iran's 'Spider Boy' can climb walls using his bare hands

Three-year-old Arat Hosseini has wowed the internet with footage of him performing complicated somersaults, backflips, as well as climbing the walls of his home in the Iranian city of Babol powered by nothing but his bare hands.

Arat displayed his abilities at home last Saturday (April 15).

His small stature notwithstanding, Arat morphs his flexible body into that of a gymnast, a football player, or even a stunt in a Spider Man movie.

His father stands by his side, rooting for him and giving him directions for the next move.

"One day my dream was for Arat to become an Olympic champion," Seyed Mohamad Hosseini, Arat's father said.

He added that this won't be enough for his son, who he believes could "become a legend, he can get Olympic medals in two or three sports at the same time."

Arat has gained a massive following on the Internet, dazzling more than 796,000 followers on his Instagram account.