Ivanka Trump's Chinese-speaking daughter gets star status at festive Chinese embassy

Who was the interpreter when US First Daughter Ivanka Trump visited the Chinese Embassy for the first time?

For the most part, the instrumental music performance and paper cutting show didn't require any translation, as Ivanka led her daughter Arabella Rose Kushner during the Chinese Spring Festival celebrations at the embassy on Wednesday night in Washington DC.

When Ivanka did have some questions while touring "Chinese New Year traditions in Beijing" and other art shows at the embassy, her five-year-old, who has been learning Mandarin, was there to help.

A video clip showing her reciting a simple ancient Chinese poem in Mandarin two months ago has since gone viral on Chinese social media.

Throughout the tour at the embassy, Ivanka knelt down several times to talk with her daughter, who seemed to be enjoying her new present.

Photo: China Daily/ANN

"She is my translator," a smiling Ivanka told Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai.

Photo: China Daily/ANN

Ivanka's appearance at the Chinese New Year celebration has attracted widespread attention and curiosity from Chinese social media users. Her father, the new US president, has broken the tradition of sending New Year greetings to people of Chinese origin in the US during their most important festival.

"It is amazing!" Ivanka said after watching a performance of traditional Chinese instrumental music and a group of dancers juggling hats on each other in a formation.

Photo: China Daily/ANN

Ivanka came to the reception about an hour after it started. Earlier in the day, she travelled to Delaware with her father to honour the returning remains of a US Navy SEAL killed during a weekend raid in Yemen, according to an Associated Press report.

At the beginning of the embassy reception, Ambassador Cui said, "Over these decades, we have learned that we should always respond to difficulties and challenges by co-operation, instead of conflict or confrontation."