Japanese fans show winning behaviour by cleaning up after 2-1 loss to Ivory Coast

Japan may have lost the match against Ivory Coast at this year's World Cup, but Japanese fans left a good impression with their winning behaviour.

According to Inquisitr, several hundred fans stayed behind after the team's 2-1 loss to pick up trash littering the stadium.

This great gesture of sportsmanship was captured by photographers and the pictures quickly went viral, with a post on Reddit garnering thousands of user votes.

The Japanese fans have a reputation of being gracious guests in the World Cup host countries. Fans also stayed behind after games in France in 1998 and Germany in 2006 to clean up after themselves.

Others noted that the Japanese have a cultural aversion to littering.

In Japanese culture, people are expected to pick up after themselves and littering is not only a social faux pas, but actually illegal in many areas of the country.

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