JK Rowling laughs at Trump for spelling mistake and bragging about writing skills


United States President Donald Trump suffered once more from another spelling gaffe on Twitter, an error that may have some wondering if Trump ever proofreads his posts before hitting "tweet," as this isn't the first time nor the second that Trump misspelled a word on the social media platform.

It all started when Trump criticised the people behind "Fake News" on his Twitter account last July 3, saying that they're always looking for faults from his end.

"After having written many best selling books, and somewhat priding myself on my ability to write, it should be noted that the Fake News constantly likes to pour over my tweets looking for a mistake," wrote Trump. "I capitalise certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalised!"

President Donald Trump made a spelling mistake yet again on Twitter yesterday, July 3.Photo: Twitter/Kat4Obama

His tweet seemed ironic, though. While blasting the people of “fake news” for finding faults in his tweets, who knew that he would actually make another spelling mistake in the middle of doing so?

Trump misspelled "pore" as "pour" in his tweet, a small four-letter word that he probably thought many might not notice as he immediately deleted the tweet.

But if there's one thing the internet can teach its users is that things never really get deleted from the annals of the world wide web. Despite immediately deleting his tweet, many were still able to see - and laugh - at Trump's mistake, famous Harry Potter author JK Rowling included.

In a self-explanatory post, Rowling retweeted today, July 4, Trump's original (and now deleted) tweet and took her time laughing at Trump's misspelling.

Follow up tweets from the author just showed her laughing at Trump, with her making fun of his misspelling of "pore" to "pour". She also threw shade at him for bragging about having written many books by mentioning he had a ghost writer all along.

"'Written' and his ghost writer's talked to the press," wrote Rowling.

Tony Schwartz, Trump's ghostwriter and the man who wrote Trump's book, "Trump: The Art of the Deal", has since revealed this back in 2015.

"I wrote the Art of the Deal. Donald Trump read it," said Schwartz back then.

Photo: Twitter/@TheeNurseNut

Rowling took her time making fun of Trump, too, as she made another tweet today and called Trump the “gratest” writer on earth.

Trump, however, has since backtracked on the mistake and posted the exact same tweet on his Twitter, but this time with the word “pore” correctly spelled.

But it seems Rowling isn't having any of it, as she found this hilarious as well, and laughed at Trump once more. "Someone told him how to spell 'pore,'" tweeted Rowling in a fit of laughter.

Well, laughing in the face of adversity does reverse the negative effects of stress.