Kenyan woman, 2 men in love pact

SHARING: One of Ms Joyce Wambui's lovers, Mr Sylvester Mwendwa.

SINGAPORE - Two men in Kenya have come to an agreement to "share" a woman they both love, in a bizarre marriage arrangement.

Mr Sylvester Mwendwa and Mr Elijah Kimani have signed a written contract to share Ms Joyce Wambui as she refuses to choose between them and both men feel they cannot do without her, CBC News reported.

"We have agreed that, from today, we will not threaten or have jealous feelings towards each other because of our wife Joyce Wambui, who says she is not ready to let go of either of us," they wrote in the statement.

The agreement includes a schedule for the two men to live in her house and help raise any children she has.

The woman has been having affairs with both men for four years, BBC News reported.

Mombasa county community policing officer Adhalah Abdulrahman in Kisauni tried to mediate between the pair. He said: "I heard people fighting and went to check. I was surprised to see two men fighting over a woman who is said to be a widow and a mother of twins.

"I tried solving the issue, but they refused, each insisting he could not live without the woman."

Mr Mwendwa told the BBC that he loved the woman and that the contract would "set boundaries" and "keep the peace".

He explained: "She is like the referee. She can say whether she wants me or my colleague.

"We discussed everything and agreed that if the woman gives birth, we will raise the child as our own since we have been taking care of her children."

Polygamy is legal in Kenya by special statute for Muslims, but polyandry, where a woman has more than one husband, is unheard of in Kenya though not expressly illegal.


CBC News reported that lawyers said the men have to prove it has been part of their custom to practise polyandry or the union would not stand.

Locals are left fuming over the arrangement.

"We have never heard of something like this in Kenya, it is uncouth, not traditional, unbiblical and against the holy books, including the Quran," said one of them.

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