The king of chickens, a Brahma, sets off new Internet frenzy

SINGAPORE: The latest video to set the Internet clucking - a giant rooster of the Brahma breed.

The massive chicken with impressive white plumage and black tail feathers steps out of a chicken coop and struts around a yard authoritatively in a Facebook video that has gone viral.

It was first posted on March 17 on a Facebook page for chicken enthusiasts called Shpeztaria Dekorative by Facebook user Fitim Sejfijaj.

Reposted on The Press of World Facebook page on Sunday, the 1min video reached more than 72 million views by Monday afternoon, and about two million Facebook users have shared it.

A few netizens suggested that the chicken was a "man in a suit" and others asked if the video was an optical illusion.

It's not clear how big or tall the chicken in the video is.

While their name is Indian in origin, Brahma chickens are most likely descended from the Chinese Shanghai which also have feathered feet, according to

These were imported to the United States in the 1840s, and the Brahma was recognised as a breed by the American Poultry Association since 1874.

A rooster can weigh more than 5kg, and a hen more than 4kg on average, although there have been records of Brahmas reaching 8kg.

One Brahma bird in Essex,Britain, that was was vying for the title of world's tallest cockerel, stood at 26 inches or 66cm, and was not yet full height, reports said.

They are said to be "gentle giants" and called "the king of chickens".

The Brahma is not the only large chicken breed around, others include the Jersey Giant, Cochin and Cornish Game.