This LEGO-style 3D tape is your childhood dream come true

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Yes, it finally happened.

The makers of Toy Block Tape turned our wildest dreams into an office supply miracle.

This one-of-kind roll of textured tape lets you transform any surface into a 3D canvas for your inner builder's endeavours.

Each roll delivers two meters of length to work with, and is fully compatible with toy bricks of all stripes including LEGO, Mega Bloks, and Kre-O.

Pliable enough to be cut to size with scissors, Block Tape doesn't limit your construction to the usual 15-inch square baseplate.

Each strip has removable 3M adhesive backing that allows you to rearrange your models without leaving sticky residue everywhere.

You can add touches of scenery to your creations, or give your mini-figures a secure place to stand on walls, furniture, and household objects.

And it's not just for creative kids; you can add some blocky flair to your computer monitor, or line the inside of your desk drawers to make a slide-out diorama.

Yup, we said diorama.

A roll of Toy Block Tape usually goes for (S$83), but you can get one here for just $24.99.

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