Lonely Hearts Club: Things forever-alones can do this festive season

Lonely Hearts Club: Things forever-alones can do this festive season
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The festive season is fast approaching. While friends, families, and lovers prepare a list of activities to celebrate and enjoy this period together, some of us might find ourselves all alone amongst the crowd. We could be without companionship for many reasons: be it living alone abroad, just getting through a break-up or perhaps you are just a self -proclaimed forever-alone. Worry not, here's a list of 6 things to do this festive season for all of you who are single and alone.

Travel Alone

You've seen your adventurous friend's Instagram account full of pictures of their solo trips to all those beautiful cities. What if we told you that you can make wonderful memories of your own?

Take the opportunity this festive season to travel alone. You might be thinking "I'm already alone most of the time, how would travelling alone be any different".

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Being alone overseas and away from home takes you out of your comfort zone. You learn to better understand yourself and if you ever find yourself in the right mood, you might just allow yourself to meet new people as you experience different crowds and cultures.

Binge On Netflix

Netflix is this era's guilty pleasure. For a fairly affordable monthly fee, you get a near limitless supply of movies and series to watch. Get your snacks ready and spend this holiday season binge-watching all your favourite web TV series and movies. We highly recommend "Stranger Things" and "Marco Polo". The festive period will go by in a blink of an eye once you've started on your binge-watching.

Cook or Bake

Find those recipes for food you've always wanted to cook and try preparing them on your own. Spend your festive season mastering a variety of dishes. Becoming a good cook takes time and cooking is a much-needed skill, especially for people who find themselves alone often.

You could also spend your days learning to bake a variety of desserts and treats for the festive celebrations. Take a sip of wine and read a book as you wait for your cookies to be done baking.

Give Back To Those In Need

Give back to your society. Help the needy this festive season by volunteering at charities, old folks' home or to clean up the beaches and parks. If people really isn't your thing, then you can even consider helping out at an animal shelter! Whatever your preference may be, find joy in giving back this holiday.

People Watching

Embrace being alone by being in a crowd. Head out to one of the many cafes along the shopping district, grab a cup of coffee and just look at the crowd go by, all busy and celebrating the holidays. When you're done with one spot, hop on to the next cafe or eatery. Being alone in all that hustle and bustle can have a pretty calming feel to it.

Pick Up Something New

The holidays are a perfect time to pick up a new hobby. With all that free time, you can finally learn that activity that you've always wanted - mountain biking, learning the guitar or photography. You should know what you've been procrastinating on learning. It could also be something as simple as starting an exercise routine for your health and well-being.

Never let being alone stop you from living your life. But do remember that if you get the opportunity this festive season to spend it with others, especially friends and family, give a day or two to them. As for the rest of the days, feel free to be who you really are - the forever-alone.

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