Love ice cream? There's a museum for that in Los Angeles

A mouth-watering exhibit in Los Angeles celebrates all things ice cream. Called the 'Museum of Ice Cream,' the collection features interactive installations where visitors are encouraged to taste and touch.

In the 'Banana Split Room,' 10,000 hanging banana replicas create a colorful jungle, while banana-scented scratch-and-sniff paper lines the walls.

Manish Vora, Museum Of Ice Cream Co-Founder, sais: "It's not a traditional museum experience. You're not just going here and looking at installations. You're of course tasting, and tasting many different things, but we also are all about sharing. It's meant to be a social experience."

And it is - the exhibit is a social media fan's dream: pose with popsicles, walk amongst giant gummy bears, and even play in a pool filled with 100 million custom made sprinkles.

Hope Stalter, visitor, said: "They're really cool. But don't eat them because that's not good."

'Museum of Ice Cream' is open in L.A. through early July. Following its stay, the museum's creators hope to take the exhibition to other US cities and eventually serve up some some sweet art internationally in 2018.