'Love won': US celebrities praise gay marriage ruling

LOS ANGELES - Pop stars, Hollywood celebrities and even a few sporting figures were quick to join the chorus of praise Friday after the US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across the country.

"Really encouraged to be an American today," singer Katy Perry wrote on Twitter, where she has the most-followed account.

"Love should live beyond labels & intolerance! #LoveWins #EqualityForAll," she added, using popular hashtags that were trending on Twitter.

Many high-profile entertainment industry figures have long been outspoken advocates of progressive causes, and gay marriage was no exception.

"Big moment for our country. Thank you, #SCOTUS," actor-director Ben Affleck wrote on Twitter, using the acronym for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Openly gay stars weighed in on the historic day. Ellen DeGeneres, who hosts a popular television talk show, tweeted: "Love won. #MarriageEquality."

British actor Ian McKellen, who came out publicly in the 1980s and is known for starring roles in "Lord of the Rings" and "X-Men," tweeted: "Congratulations, particularly to those who made the case for equality." Latin sex-symbol/pop singer Ricky Martin, who came out as gay in 2010, wrote that the Supreme Court "just announced that love is equal across the nation!!! #MarriageEquality #LoveAlwaysWins #Loveislove."

In sports, an often macho realm where gay players have traditionally been reluctant to come out, a few big names chimed in with their support for gay marriage.

Former US football captain Landon Donovan wrote: "What an amazing day for our country. So happy for all the people who can now live their lives the way they want to. #proud." Openly gay tennis legend Martina Navratilova wrote: "Last year on June 26th, my wife Julia's birthday, DOMA (the Defence of Marriage Act that defined marriage as between a man and a woman) was overturned. This year Same Sex Marriage is a right for all of us - yeah!!!!" She also had some harsh words for the Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who was one of four judges to oppose marriage for all.

"Scalia is even more disgraceful than I thought possible," she wrote.

Not everyone was unanimous in their support. Minnesota Vikings football player Josh Robinson wrote: "Love is love? So what will we say when the 30yr old loves YOUR 10 year old. When the dad loves HIS 6 year old? It's different?? Yea okay!"