Malaysia Airlines confirms its cabin crew caught for smuggling drugs in Melbourne

PETALING JAYA - Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that the man caught smuggling drugs at the Melbourne International Airport was part of its cabin crew.

"Malaysia Airlines confirms its cabin crew has been arrested by Australian authorities on May 13," it said in a statement on Saturday (June 30).

MAS added that it was unable to provide more details in connection to the case.

"We cannot give further statements as the case is still under investigation. Additionally, the court date has also not been set.

"MAS is ready to give our fullest co-operation to the authorities," it said in a statement issued to The Star's Malay portal mStar Online on Saturday (June 30).

It was previously reported by Australian news portal Herald Sun that the man arrested was a 33-year-old MAS employee.

A report by Daily Mail Australia said that the Malaysian MAS flight attendant was arrested at the Melbourne International Airport for smuggling heroin worth AS$1.4mil (RM4.18mil).

It also said that the man allegedly imported 3.5kg of heroin aboard a commercial flight.

The report added that the man was then arrested after Australian Border Force officers had noticed him behaving suspiciously after arriving from Kuala Lumpur.

The officers then searched the man and allegedly found 10 suspicious packets wrapped in masking tape.