Man bumps into doppleganger not once, but thrice

What are the odds? A man meets his doppleganger not once, but thrice on a trip. 

Neil Thomas Douglas was taking a flight to Ireland when he met his unlikely twin who was seated in right next to him on the flight. 

The two were so tickled by the rare occurance that they took a photo and a friend, Lee Beattie, posted it on Twitter and the photo went viral.


According to various online reports, the men shared a beer together on board. 

Later on, it was also reported on Life & Style Weekly that they stayed at the same hotel, and later bumped into each other at the same bar. 

Also making waves online are photos of a Swedish young man, Konrad Annerud, who is a model, musician and bartender. For having an uncanny resemblence to US actor Leonardo DiCaprio in his younger days, the 21-year-old has some 75,000 fans on Instagram.