Man returns home to find beer from water-taps

NEW ZEALAND - Imagine coming home to find beer flowing from every tap in your house.

That's exactly what happened to a New Zealand man, identified only as Russ, the Daily Mail reported.

Turned out, the man was the subject of a practical joke by his friends. With the help of a local brewery, his friends connected his water supply to beer kegs after he left his house.

After testing the new supply, his friends rigged their pal's entire home with CCTV cameras.

They waited nearby to watch as Russ arrived home with his partner and their dog.

When he turned on the tap, he was surprised as the beer flowed from the tap, the report said.

He crawled beneath his house to investigate where, monitored on CCTV, he discovered the ruse.

The group then surprised him with a roar as he emerged.

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