Man returns home to find venomous snake in mouse trap

Australia is home to many of the world's most venomous animals and insects, so it is no surprise that you can find unwelcomed guests lurking somewhere in the basements down under.

Anthony Parker from Cascade in Western Australia had a rude shock when he returned home to find a venomous tiger snake trapped by a mouse-trap on Monday afternoon (Jan 18).

Speaking to online news website Western Australia Today, Mr Parker said that he had just returned home from work at about 5pm when he heard the mouse trap snap.

"I turned around, had a quick look and literally jumped off my stool because there was a snake about three metres away from me in the mouse-trap," Mr Parker recounted his bizarre encounter to the news website.

He explained that his wife had several mouse traps placed around the house the day before as she thought she could hear mice.

He conceded that there were probably mice in his house which attracted the snake in the first place.

Unfortunately for the poor reptile, Mr Parker had to kill the snake as it was highly distressed and agitated, posing a threat to his young son.

"I did feel sorry for it, but I couldn't risk moving it when it was like that," he told community newspaper Esperance Express.


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