Man survives on ants for 6 days in remote Australia

PERTH, Australia - A man missing for six days in a remote Australian desert in searing heat without water was found Tuesday after surviving by eating black ants, police said.

Reg Foggerdy, 62, disappeared on October 7 heading to the Shooter's Shack camp near Laverton in the West Australian Goldfields, some 950km northeast of Perth, on a hunting trip.

When he failed to return, family members raised the alarm and a search by police trackers finally found him 15km from where he went missing.

Goldfields Police superintendent Andy Greatwood said Foggerdy had been sitting under the same tree for the last two days, with no water during his ordeal.

"He was eating black ants, that's how he survived. So, fantastic survival skills by him, and fantastic skills by our trackers who found him in an extremely remote location," he told the West Australian newspaper.

"He was extremely dehydrated, a bit delusional, but we've administered first aid and rehydrated him and it's pleasing to say he is now sitting up and talking.

"It was extremely hot, extremely remote, and most people probably wouldn't have survived." His relieved wife Arlyn said she cried when she heard the news, delighted that he managed to stay alive.

"How you can survive without water and food is a miracle," she told ABC radio.

Foggerdy's sister Christine Ogden said her brother was an experienced bushman and said she would make sure he was better equipped in the future.

"I'm going to get him to get a satellite phone," she told the radio station.