Massive 'teardrop' spotted in sky mistaken for UFO at Miami Airport

PHOTO: Facebook screen grab

A bright object that looked like a massive teardrop was spotted in the sky on Thursday night (Sep 3) at Miami Airport.

Many people posted videos of the strange sighting on Facebook, calling it a possible Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

According to Australian news site Nine News, the alien phenomenon was the trail of an Atlas V rocket that was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida about 6am yesterday US time.

Nine News also reported that the rocket can be seen as a "tiny speck at the front of the spectacle".

The rocket was carrying a US Navy communications satellite into space and left a colourful trail in its ascent to space.

According to the United Launch Alliance, the sunlight caught the rocket's trail at the right angle and created a colorful display.

Those who took to Twitter and posted images of the display commented that it was "gorgeous" and "stunning".