Melania Trump readies unforgettable birthday card for husband

On the same day as President Donald Trump's actions were under intense and unflattering scrutiny in the US Senate, his wife Melania urged supporters to sign a birthday card for her husband that he will "never forget."

"I need your help to make it a birthday my husband will never forget," Melania Trump wrote in an email to supporters. Her husband turns 71 on Wednesday.

"Our celebrations always include family and close friends. You have certainly proven yourself to be a loyal friend of my husband through your support of his positive vision to Make America Great Again and your unwavering commitment to the Republican Party," the first lady's email added.

"Friend, Donald will be glad to hear from friends like you who have meant so much to his and our Party's success."

Former first lady Michelle Obama also used to ask supporters to help celebrate her husband Barack's birthday.

But the first lady's appeal came just as ousted FBI chief James Comey was accusing her husband's administration of lies and defamation at a hearing into Russian interference in the US elections.