Melania Trump swats her husband's hand away and everyone is saying something about it

PHOTO: Screengrab

Oh dear, she's done it again.

First Lady of the US, Melania Trump, has made the news once again for the supposed not-very-nice treatment by her husband, US President Donald Trump, towards her.

Maybe she's still mad at him for walking ahead of her when they arrived at the White House for his inauguration.

When the couple landed in Tel Aviv, Israel on Monday (May 22), they were escorted along the red carpet by Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife.

Mr and Mrs Netanyahu were walking hand-in-hand with Mr Trump next to them while Melania was a small distance behind.

The video, that has gone viral, then shows Mr Trump extending his hand backwards towards Melania who catches up and swats it away.

Ah, the timing to catch that moment.

Twitter has gone nuts over the swat with host and model Chrissy Tegan leading the pack.

Comedian and host James Corden also shared his thoughts.

Actress Alyssa Milano seemed proud of Melania's move.

Author and host Joy-Ann Reid also joined in the bandwagon.

Author and producer Reza Aslan does what he does best - shared his spiritual thoughts.

Meanwhile, host Bill Mitchell, who is clearly a Trump-supporter, gave his view on the matter.

And others on Twitter really felt for her.

We can only wonder what will happen next with this couple.