Mexican town San Miguel chosen as top city in the world

SINGAPORE - The Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende has been crowned the top city in the world in Condé Nast Traveler's Readers' Choice Awards, beating out usual favourites like Paris, Vienna and Rome.

What's so special about the lesser-celebrated town of San Miguel?

According to freelance writer Dr Irene S. Levine. she said in her article in the Huffington Post that San Miguel is located in central Mexico with no luxurious, sandy white beaches or blue waters to speak of. It is also not an accessible destination to get to, with visitors having to arrive via Houston or Mexico City.

Yet, once tourists visit the town, they 'tend to fall in love' with town of San Miguel, and according to Dr Levine, many first-time visitors will end up visiting again and some may even end up staying permanently.

One of the highlights of San Miguel is the beautiful and dramatic sunsets that can be caught on any rooftop, according to Dr Levine and reports online. The evening rays will be displayed against the town's well-preserved Colonial and Spanish architecture.

San Miguel is also a UNESCO heritage town, said Dr Levine. One of the prominent buildings in town is the church, Parroquia de San Miguael Archangel. It is not only known as the tallest building, but it is also known for its facade of pink limestone and Gothic features. The design of the building was said to be based on a picture postcard.

Food and dining is another main attraction in San Miguel, said Dr Levine. The town is a foodie destination with something for everybody from street food to gourmet restaurants. The food and fruits are locally sourced and are made fresh on the spot. The municipal market also offers up delicious treats but also a place to learn about culture and foods of the region.

The town is also made up of 24 blocks of narrow streets, according to Dr Levine, and does not have any traffic lights. Pedestrians can get around easily on the cobblestone streets.

According to Dr Levine's article, almost 20 per cent of people living in San Miguel are expatriates.

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