Mexico finds corpses of youths abducted from club in mass grave

MEXICO CITY - Mexican authorities have found a mass grave containing the remains of five youths who were among a group of 12 people abducted from a Mexico City club in May, a crime that sparked fears of increasing drug gang violence in the capital.

Officials said they had found a total of 13 corpses in a grave covered in cement just outside Mexico City. They were still trying to identify the other eight bodies, which were discovered next to a shotgun, handcuffs and a flak jacket.

The capital has been largely free of the gang violence that has killed close to 80,000 people since 2007. The abduction of the 12 from a club called Heaven in a bustling quarter of downtown Mexico City sent shudders through residents.

The attorney general's office announced the discovery in a news conference but declined to take any questions.

The deaths are one of a series of mass killings around Mexico that have hurt tourism and rattled investors.

President Enrique Pena Nieto, who took office in December, has shifted the focus away from going after cartel bosses to fighting crimes such as extortion and kidnapping.