Model sues Playboy for $632,000

A model is suing Playboy after she was smacked on the buttocks with a golf club.

Miss Elizabeth Dickson, 28, was invited to participate in the Playboy Golf Finals in California a couple of years ago, UK daily The Mirror reported.

But she was accidentally hit by a DJ when she lay on the grass with a golf tee between her buttocks, the report said. She was left with a huge bruise and said she suffered stress, pain and loss of earnings as a result.

She filed a lawsuit against Playboy Enterprises on Thursday, suing the company for more than US$500,000 (S$632,000).

It is not known why she took so long to file the lawsuit.


According to the lawsuit, she was invited to pose for a photo with DJ Kevin Klein.

"Plaintiff was requested to lie down and pose for a photograph with defendant Kevin Klein. The photograph was supposed to depict the plaintiff lying flat on her stomach with her buttocks partially exposed."

Klein was supposed to stand over Miss Dickson and pose as though he was poised to hit the ball, the lawsuit said.

But instead, Klein "swung the golf club and struck plaintiff on the buttocks causing her injuries and damages", it claimed.


In the video of the incident, the DJ is seen lining up the shot and first missing it, then someone places the golf ball back on the golf tee.

His second swing hits the ball, but it also leaves a big mark on Miss Dickson's rear (above).

The model can be seen and heard writhing in agony.

She said she suffered severe injuries - some of them permanent.

Playboy has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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