More Thai evacuees fly out of Cairo today

A Thai citizen who was evacuated from Egypt embraces her family as she arrives at the airport.

THAILAND - The third charter flight for Thais wishing to evacuate from Egypt's unrest is scheduled to leave Cairo for Bangkok today.

The flight can accommodate 332 passengers.

"We are closely working with the association of Thai students in Cairo to provide assistance for Thais there," Information Department's deputy director-general Jakkrit Seevalee said yesterday.

"We also need to ensure that they can travel to the airport in Cairo safely".

The unrest has already claimed over 900 lives in Egypt.

The student association in Cairo announced that as of yesterday up to 406 more of its members had registered their intention to fly back to Thailand and 332 will leave Cairo today.

"The remaining 74 will have to take the next flight," the association said.

It said those who had already registered for the flight out of Cairo would be fined 500 Egyptian pounds each if they, in the end, refused to take the flight.

It added they would also lose the right to get travel assistance if they wished to fly back to Thailand later on.

The student association advised its members to contact the Thai embassy in Cairo directly, if they needed help after Thursday.

"Beginning Friday, the association will close down temporarily," it announced.

During the past few days, about 600 Thais have left Egypt.