Moves to protect tourists discussed on Koh Tao

A tourist carries his backpack after arriving at Koh Tao Island (Turtle Island) September 21, 2014.

Among new measures to better protect tourists on Koh Tao from crimes, a routine policy in which officials with special wristbands will take people who are drunk to their rooms will be put in place, according to a meeting between Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul and local business operators yesterday.

A new police precinct will be established on the island with residence for permanent staff to keep them close to performing their duties protecting tourist around the clock, provision of greater volume of electricity and freshwater to meet demand by tourists, staff of hotels and pubs, and residents, the meeting concluded.

Another measures cited previously among provincial authorities are to install surveillance cameras throughout Koh Tao as well as a tourist service centre, which were mentioned in yesterday's meeting and accepted as joint measures to be undertaken.

The wristband project will be carried out by the ministry, whose details in implementation have not been discussed.

On the police investigation into the brutal murder of two British tourists earlier this month, progress has been made on a daily basis, reportedly with more details on "another three new suspects" being pursued, a police source said.