Netizens create hilarious memes over Russia-Turkey crisis

Netizens create hilarious memes over Russia-Turkey crisis

A major political and diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Russia unfolded when reports emerged that Turkey had shot down a Russian fighter jet.

But netizens have sought to douse the fire and put a humorous and light-hearted spin to the potentially volatile situation by creating a number of funny memes.

In the spirit of the American Thanksgiving holiday, one of the most widely-shared memes show a mock phone conversation between US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"What will you have for Thanksgiving dinner?" Obama asks.

Putin's response? "Turkey".

Another picture shows the Russian president, who is well-known for his love of hunting, chasing down the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan through a field with a rifle in hand.

Turkey shot down the Russian jet on Tuesday, Nov 24, over claims that it had intruded into Turkish airspace. However, Russia claimed that the plane had been in Syrian airspace at the time.

Another funny meme has sought to explain the incident as if it were a Facebook thread between the countries involved. It begins with Turkey posting a status, expressing worry over the incident.

When the United States asks what it had done, Turkey says: "I shot down a Russian figher jet by mistake, I thought it was in my airspace..."

That, however, prompts Syria to enter the conversation, sharply asking: "Remind me... When did MY airspace become YOUR airspace?"

The conversation continues before Turkey turns to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), of which it is a member, for help, saying: "Y'all got me right??? (sic)"

NATO's response however, is "#YoYo", and Turkey soon learns that the acronym means "You're on Your Own".



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