Netizens outraged by father who swung baby like a rag doll, calling it baby yoga

PHOTO: Social media

Another disturbing clip of a parent swinging his baby daughter around like a rag doll in potentially risky moves has emerged, prompting people to express their outrage and disgust.

It's child abuse and he should be punished, cried horrified netizens, after seeing the video of a man manipulating his four-month-old baby in the air, sometimes by her hand or leg as he swung her from side to side and spun her around his head. The video on YouTube has been removed.

The father, identified as Kirill Stremousov from the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, filmed his extreme baby yoga and even proclaimed his daughter, Milada, as the 'smallest world champion gymnast' in his YouTube video title.

The infant was heard shrieking loudly when he swung her forward and backward over his head. At one point, he even said "her bones are popping", adding: "she feels good".

The Ukrainian dad explained that he was trying to show that his baby is "at one with nature" by showing off "gymnastics from ancient times".

The controversial practice of 'baby yoga', which was popularised in eastern Russia, has been banned from a number of websites as it might promote and even glorify child abuse.

But some practitioners insisted their methods had proven to benefit their children as they have grown up to be in the pink of health.

Photo: Social media

Stremousov proudly said his daughter has been living in "harmony with nature" after she was born at home "in a natural way". She has never been vaccinated and has never taken pills either," he added.

But netizens are not convinced by his child-raising method.

A shocked viewer Irina Volk said: "I managed to watch just one minute. Horror!"

Stefan Salvatore sarcastically remarked: "If she slips out of your hands, there won't be a need to call an ambulance."

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