New mother 'cut in two' after hospital lift malfunctions

It's a grisly end more befitting a Final Destination movie, but one that sadly befell a young woman at a hospital in Seville, Spain.

The 26-year-old patient was reportedly 'cut in two' due to a lift malfunction on Sunday (Aug 20), after the lift at the hospital suddenly began moving upwards before the stretcher carrying the woman was fully inside.

To compound the tragedy, the new mother had just given birth via a C-section moments earlier and was being transported to the maternity ward - to rest and bond with her newborn - when the accident occurred.

According to sources, the baby was together with the mother at the time, but was unharmed in the horrifying incident at Valme Hospital.

Daily Mail reported that police and firefighters rushed to the scene immediately, but medics on duty could do nothing to save Rocio Cortes Nunez.

Valme HospitalPhoto: YouTube

Firefighters reportedly took two hours to reach Nunez's body, "after her head was trapped between the lift frame and roof as it started moving upwards", and her feet was "left dangling in the lift shaft".

It is suspected that the automatic lift door suffered a mechanical failure.

Nunez's brother-in-law David Gaspar told Europa Press that his brother is understandably "devastated" following the tragedy.

"It's incredible. We still don't believe them.

"Something has to be done. This cannot go unpunished," said Gaspar.

Nunez is also mother to two daughters, aged three and four, according to local paper El Correo.

An investigation has been launched into the incident.