Nike Back to the Future' sneakers just fetched a record public auction price

Maybe this is the same buyer who threw down $133,000 (S$183,700) for two NBA Finals tickets?

Either way, someone just spent a lot of money on a pair of sneakers.

Historic, collectors' item sneakers that hold a legendary place in pop-culture history - but still, sneakers.

A pair of Nike Mag self-lacing sneakers - inspired by the ones featured in Back to the Future II - just fetched $52,500 at public auction.

Nike released replicas of the Mag model in 2011, but those didn't include the signature self-lacing feature that made the sneakers from the film so well-known.

In 2016, the company released a tricked-out Nike Mag that actually incorporated the futuristic self-lacing feature.

It's a pair of that latter version that just sold for more than $52,000.

Heritage Auctions, which ran the bidding process, says the winning $52,500 offer is a world record for a collectible sneaker sold at public auction.

Last year, however, a pair of Air Mags sold for $104,000 in a private auction in Hong Kong.

But that was a private charity auction that, fittingly, raised money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, founded by the Back to the Future star in 2000 with the aim of defeating Parkinson's disease.

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