Obama: Climate change an economic, security imperative

Obama: Climate change an economic, security imperative

PARIS - US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday the world needs an enduring framework for addressing climate change and that he would seek an agreement that would boost economies as well as help the planet's environment.

A strong climate pact would send a signal to researchers and investors that change is necessary and will spur energy innovation, Obama said at a news conference at the UN global climate summit in Paris.

Obama said he expected the United States could uphold its climate commitments to help other countries meet their energy goals.

"We still need a Paris agreement," Obama said.

"So my main focus is making sure that the United States is a leader in bringing a successful agreement home."

Obama said rising seas and warming climates could be drain on economic resources.

"This is an economic and security imperative that we have to tackle now," he said.


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