Obama to welcome Ebola coordinator to White House

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Wednesday will welcome his new Ebola policy chief Ron Klain to the White House, a source there said.

Klain will meet with the president on his first day, as well as with "senior members of the team responsible for coordinating the government's Ebola response," the White House official said privately.

The new "Ebola czar," as US media have started referring to him, will report directly Obama's Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco and National Security Advisor Susan Rice "to ensure an aggressive, effective, and synchronized response across government to enhance domestic preparedness and stem the epidemic at its source in West Africa," the official explained.

Meanwhile one of the two nurses infected with Ebola while treating the Liberian patient in Dallas who died October 8 is now faring better, the National Institutes of Health said Tuesday.

"Ms.(Nina) Pham's clinical status has been upgraded from fair to good. No additional details are available at this time," said the NIH, located outside Washington, in a brief statement.

Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, which is treating the second nurse, Amber Vinson so far has not given an update on her condition. Her mother said Monday she remained weak, without offering further details.

And a US photojournalist said he was grateful to be alive after the hospital treating him declared him free of Ebola, in a minor victory over the virus that has killed more than 4,500 people.