Oh good, there's now a swimsuit with Donald Trump's face on it


If you'd hoped the beach might serve as a refuge from the 24-hour news cycle, then you've severely underestimated the ability of brands to capitalise on the current political climate.

Beloved Shirts - the clothing company known for its outrageous prints - wants to ruin your pool party with its "Shocked Trump" one-piece swimsuit, featuring none other than the artificially tanned visage of our current president.

For the sale price of US$49.95 (S$60) (down from US$59.95), someone who's really willing to commit to the joke can strut across the sand with Trump's mouth for a belly button.

Those looking to double down on that joke can step it up with a romper featuring the face of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, available for US$79.99.

Or, alternatively, you could spent the combined US$129.94 (not including tax and shipping) on a nice hotel room, or a bunch of pizza, or a donation to charity, or ... truly, absolutely anything else.

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