Ouch! Girl inserts doll's eye into own socket, instantly regrets it

A video of an 11-year-old girl from Pompeu, Brazil with a doll's eye stuck in her eye socket has been going viral online, terrifying and angering viewers. 

Since the original clip was posted on social media on July 1, the video has gotten over 6.1 million views.

The girl's mother, Rayssa Ivanny Ficag, described the incident on the Facebook post: "She was in the room playing with the doll, and everything looked normal. Then all of a sudden she shows up with the doll's eye in her eye."

In the video, the girl could be seen crying while trying (and failing) to pry the plastic eye from her socket.

Thanks to her mother's timely intervention, the doll's eye was removed and no serious harm was done.

But concerned netizens flooded to the comments with questions, like whether the girl is still able to see normally.

The girl's mother reassured them that her daughter is fine now, and still has her vision.

A couple of other moms saw the post and showed it to their own daughters as a word of warning, sharing in the comments that their daughters reacted by crying or panicking.

Some however, expressed anger at Ficag, accusing her of being an irresponsible mother.

According to a translation from DudeComedy, one person said: "You are lucky I don't know where you are. I would have CPS (child protective services) on you so fast. You would never see her again."

Another Facebook user was glad that the video was posted, saying: "Good that you filmed it to serve as an example... I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious!"

Some, however, still struggled to grasp what had happened.


And of course, others just couldn't believe it. 


Fortunately, the family seems to have taken the entire situation in a light-hearted way, with Ficag giving her daughter the nickname, 'Doll eye' on social media.

The original video has since been shared many times, and has even caught the attention of the local media in Brazil. 

In fact, the girl and her mom were even invited to appear on TV for an interview. 

Screengrab of a request for the girl and her mom to come on an SBT (Brazilian Television System) show.
Photo: Rayssa Ivanny Ficag's Facebook

Before heading out for the interview, her mom posted a photo of the girl wearing some brightly-coloured sunglasses, with the caption: "Let's go to the interview, doll eye. We put on a pair of glasses because that eye is giving me fear hahaha."

The girl's mom snapped a photo of her before heading to an interview on TV.Photo: Rayssa Ivanny Ficag's Facebook

Hindsight is often the clearest, and thankfully, this story has a happy ending. We just hope this little girl won't be trying a stunt like that again any time soon.