Outrage as MH17 victim's credit card is used


Her helicopter pilot husband died in the MH17 disaster, but his credit cards continued to be used.

His widow, Ms Reine Dalziel, had to cancel his credit cards and the family is outraged.

Ms Dalziel's brother, Mr Shane Hattingh, told CNN that his sister was stunned to see activity on her late husband's account.

He said: "People are abusing it in the Ukraine. They have no respect for each other; look what they're doing."

Mr Cameron Dalziel, a South African father of two with a British passport, recently moved his family to Malaysia.

Mr Hattingh added that it was "no surprise" that the victims of the crash had been treated this way, and that it made him "angry beyond words."


A Ukrainian official has apparently confirmed that possessions of the victims were stolen from the crash site, the Huffington Post UK reported.

It quoted Mr Anton Gerashchenko as saying: "I have received information that terrorist death-hunters were collecting not only cash and jewellery of the dead passengers but also credit cards.

"My humble request to relatives of the victims is to freeze their credit cards, so that they won't lose their assets to terrorists."

The Netherlands' De Telegraaf had reported after the crash that pro-Russian separatists had removed bodies, stolen from the dead and attempted to destroy evidence at the crash scene.

Family members of the victims said their phones were answered by "eastern European-sounding voices"

This article was first published on July 25, 2014.
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