Pakistani doctor's house hunt goes viral for his good looks

Apparently 'tall, dark and handsome' checks the box for 'post gone viral'.

Following the famous steps of Jeremy Meeks, also known as "hot mugshot guy", whose pale, grey eyes and cool gaze caught the heated glance of many lusting fans, New York based doctor Rehan Munir couldn't help but catch some swoons after posting an ad on Gypsy Housing.

According to Indian Express, the Pakistani man had posted an ad on the Facebook group looking for summer accommodation close to work.

Intending to impress potential roommates with his professionalism, amiable nature and tidy habits, instead he charmed his way to their hearts with his good looks.

Munir's Facebook post.Photo: Facebook/Gypsy Housing

Appreciating the photos Munir attached of himself in his post, Facebook users didn't hesitate to jump on his offer.

"You can live with me FOR FREE," one user commented enthusiastically, whilst others didn't bother to hide their blatant enamorment, "Marry me?"

Photo: Facebook/Gypsy Housing

Some are even dubbing him Chai Wala 2.0, reported (chai wala means tea seller in Hindi, and here is version 1.0).

While some did offer to help out the 26-year-old, it's unclear whether he was successful in his hunt for the ideal roommate.

Needless to say, with his newfound fame, perhaps a modelling career may be on the way? Although his Instagram profile seems to suggest he's already halfway there.


Shirt pe mooch nahi, tou kuch nahi ??‍? #mooch #moustache #almas #shoot #tb #lahore

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Should be studying instead of uploading pictures ? ? by @mhm.official for @almaspk #tb #almas

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