Photographer strikes gold while exploring old abandoned house

The eeriness that a mysterious photographer experienced when he stepped into this abandoned house was completely worth it, because he struck gold.

The apartment's location remains undisclosed. However, it has been vacant ever since its former residents died in the 1970s and descendants left it to rot.

Explorer and photographer of abandoned locations 'Freaktography' had been given the coordinates and intelligence needed to access the house by a friend, reported Messynessy Chic.

Inside, he found many antiques, artifacts, personal items and even family photos strewn all over. He even managed to piece together the family's tragic history from these belongings.

But that's not all. Freaktography also discovered nearly US$6,800 (S$9,202) in cash behind a smelly mattress. There were both US and Canadian notes.

Most of it was bundled up in little elastic bands, and marked in pencil with amounts and dates from the mid 1960s to the 1970s. The collection was found to have spanned 15 years.

The explorer then tracked down the former residents' granddaughter. She had been to the house, where her mother grew up, as a child.

According to the article, Freaktography gave her every penny of the cash and she started to cry, being overwhelmed by the act of kindness.

True to his word, the photographer took nothing but pictures, and left nothing but his footprints.

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