Photos of man enjoying breeze at subway grate turn him into Internet star

A man in Philadelphia has become a Reddit sensation after he was pictured bare-chested and standing over a subway grate.

According to Vox, Subway Vent Guy simply stands over a subway grate and lets wind gushing out from below blow into his clothes, supposedly to give him some respite from the scorching summer sun.

Subway Vent Guy is a term coined by netizens. His identity is not known.

The hilarious scene was first noticed by Reddit user Noerdy, who posted the picture to share the humourous, random moment.

However, little did Noerdy know that two other users had also captured Subway Vent Guy at different times.

One of the users, mkcie, said: "NO WAY!! I have an alternate second photo of this guy! It was taken at least three years ago!"

And in case you were wondering why Subway Vent Guy seems to have not left the spot for three years, the other user's response might explain things a bit more.

WillFerrelsGutFold said: "No way, I took this one May 31st this year. He is in Center City Philly. This guy seems to chill here all the time."

But those are not the only times people have noticed the Subway Vent Guy. In 2014, he was even captured by a Google Street View camera doing just what he does best - standing over the subway grate, enjoying the wind from below.

Several people have also taken videos of him, one of whom includes YouTube user cheekflapperer, who commented that Subway Vent Guy was "not exactly Marilyn Monroe".

Now, that's someone definitely worth looking out for when you're in Philadelphia.